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My font catalog consists of high quality typefaces ranging from neutral sans serifs to playful and versatile ornamentals. Utility, clarity, and good craft are fundamental to every creation, which often emerge out of inspiration from art and architecture of Italian origins.

Forming an essence and mood around the alphabet fascinates me. I approach design with hands and heart to give my work soul and originality. Designing a font can take years to complete. It is a craft rooted in tradition, cultural exchanges, and language.

Spending a large part of my childhood in my grandmother’s ceramic workshop, I became interested in form-giving and craft. Eventually I studied art and graphic design in college. My interests in typeface design emerged whilst I was a student in the 1990s at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. There I took a class in letterform drawing with André Gürtler and learned the foundations of shaping beautiful letters. This period was influential in my choice to become a typeface designer.

Designing fonts has led me to draw custom logotypes and symbols for clients who want a unique visual identity. Some of that work can be viewed on the design page of this website.