Varese is a geometric and modular typeface inspired by early 1900s Art Deco posters. Its heavy weight is excellent for display or large body text. The lowercase is similar to the uppercase, yet many of the lowercase letters have interior spaces and several have some variations on the form (see H/h, E/e, F/f, I/i, J/j, L/l, N/n, T/t). The lowercase also has two alternate glyph sets that are half size and align with cap height. One of the alternate glyph sets has an underline and the other set does not.

Varese has siblings, Varese Soft (a rounded version) and Varese Outlined, which is a color font version with outlines and shadows.

Varese has siblings, Varese Soft (rounded), Varese Gradient (color gradients), and Varese Outlined (color/shadow/outline).

Varese is available for purchase from

Tarallo Design (desktop only)
Font Bros
I Love Typography