Mezzogiorno is a casual and friendly sans serif typeface. It is playful and approachable, yet restrained.

The easy-going nature of Mezzogiorno adds just the right amount of warmth without overpowering text. It is suitable for any graphic design need. Sectors like the arts, education, food, and travel will find this typeface adds a human tone.

Mezzogiorno unites qualities of humanist sans serifs and expressive display fonts. The black and extra bold weights are rich in playful curves. The lighter weights delight with gentle movements, asking the reader to slow down and savor each word. Some distinctive letterform aspects include a reverse contrast S, seriffed endings on a few letters, angled terminal strokes, high contrast parentheses and brackets, and a double-story lowercase g. It comes in 7 weights from light to black and with matching obliques. OpenType features include standard and discretionary ligatures (fj, ft, tt, TT, TJ and FL), alternate glyphs for j J, two ampersands, three at signs, arrows, and a Bitcoin symbol.

The drawings of this typeface were made while listening to the jazz music of Vince Guaraldi. In Italian, Mezzogiorno means midday, noon, & Southern Italy.

Mezzogiorno is available for purchase from

Tarallo Design (desktop only)
Font Bros
I Love Typography