FormPattern is a versatile set of shapes with endless possibilities. It consists of four fonts, each with varying complexity.

It is perfect for borders, frames, patterned lines and areas, chapter ornamentation, paragraph separators, greeting cards, illustrations, textiles, and wrapping paper. Some forms can be used as letters or letters can be manually built.

Pressing a key repeatedly generates a repetitive pattern, while different keys produce varied patterns. Many of the forms seamlessly connect.

FormPattern began as sketches of mosaics in the southern Italian cities of Bari and Palermo. These mosaics were found in churches, yet their creation was informed by different cultures and spiritual traditions that had influence in Italy over the centuries. The mosaics not only represent the intentions of the Church, but also due to their connection to the art of Islam they symbolize the beautiful concept of harmony between god, humans, and the infinite. This concept is represented through continuous repetitive patterns made possible through underlying formal and mathematical planning.

FormPattern is compatible with the FormPattern Color fonts below:

FormPattern Color Two

FormPattern Color Three

FormPattern Color Six

The FormPattern families pair well with the Varese font.

FormPattern is available for purchase from

Tarallo Design (desktop only)
Font Bros
I Love Typography
Creative Market