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poster of REC text spread of REC brochure detail of spread of REC brochure detail of spread of REC brochure people holding REC posters produce label
Regional Environmental Council, Worcester
Visual Nourishment: Cultivating Greater Engagement in Worcester’s Environmental Community
The Regional Environmental Council (REC) is a grassroots organization that brings the Worcester community together to work on issues of environmental, food, and social justice in the city. Since the 1970s, they have been integral to the fabric of the city’s progress toward being a more sustainable and just place to live. Supported by a SAPPI Papers “Ideas That Matter Grant”, I used graphic design to inform, engage, and to spread the spirit of environmental and food justice in the Worcester community. We worked to make the REC’s visual identity more cohesive and designed a small campaign consisting of vegetable twist ties, posters for farmers market stands, and a brochure. Our grant project was SAPPI’s People’s Voice Winner of 2015 from all the grants SAPPI awarded that year.

business card
Siena Art Institute, Italy
Business card for course promotion.

Design agency, Austin
Logotype design.

School of Mathematics, Worcester
Logotype and social media icon design.

business card
Video assistant, Portland, Maine
Business card.

map for PYAC network logo and visual identity for PYAC
Providence Youth Arts Collaborative, Providence
The Providence Youth Arts Collaborative (PYAC) is a collaborative of Providence non-profits who offer free after school arts programs to city youth. This work is the result of a year-long project where I researched the value of graphic design to create positive social change in Providence youth. Through collaboration with PYAC, my exploratory research resulted in a communication strategy, a visual identity, a city map of PYAC programs, a website, tote bags, and a video montage. Above are the two signature options, the color palette, and the map. Please view the website and the video montage at www.pyac-ri.org. A book of my creative process and an essay on this project are available here.

REC garden symbol and map REC map REC symbol on ceramic sign
Regional Environmental Council, Worcester
The REC urban garden network is a treasure for Worcester’s Main South neighborhood. The gardens provide a place for youth to learn how to grow vegetables. The produce they grow is sold at local farmers markets. The REC needed a way to guide people to these gardens for self-directed walking tours. I designed the map and symbol used on the garden wayfinding signage. Artist Sarah Williams created the ceramic signs in collaboration with the youth who participate in the farming program.

calendar compact disk with flower petals calendar poster postcard with snowflake postcard with flower petals program book cover with your performing in doorway interior detail of program book
Community MusicWorks, Providence
Since 2003, I have been the design consultant for Community MusicWorks (CMW); one of the top fifty after-school arts programs in the United States. The above images represent various print media I created to expand their visual identity and print collateral while keeping them fresh yet cohesive.

icograda logo and identity manual
Icograda, Montréal
Pentagran created the core of this visual identity. I completed the standards manual, designed variations of the logo with Icogradas tagline, and developed several identity signatures. Icograda has since changed their name to ico-D.

business card magazine spread of Jump photos by Stephen DiRado
Blank Canvas Magazine, Worcester
Identity and publication design for an arts magazine.

postcard unfolded into poster
Faculty exhibition
Postcard that unfolds to poster

sotheby's identity manual pages
Sotheby’s, New York
I collaborated with Bouchez + Kent & Co. in New York for this project. I created the identity manual. Shown above is the logo size page, image templates and guidelines, and color palettes for their catalogs.

visible language spreads
Visible Language, Providence
Visible Language is an international journal for visual communication. I designed this issue under the art direction of my former professor at the Rhode Island School of Design; Thomas Ockerse. The design concept was based on photograms that I made from previous journals. I used the photograms for the cover, chapter separators, and inspiration for shaping the typography.

kodak newsletter
Kodak Nordic, Oslo
Newsletter redesign to accommodate five languages; Icelandic, English, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

SADI poster logo for SADI in various colors
Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI), Seoul
I created this poster to promote a conference on the future of design education. After reading the presenters’ essays, I found their diverse philosophies lent themselves well to an atmospheric staged photography approach and imagery with multiple points of view. I made the photographic environment by hand with cut paper, styrofoam balls, laser-cut letters, and lit it with various sources. The poster reflects the optimism of the event’s theme and the ephemeral nature of design. The circular part of logo is intended to represent the school or a table and word “round” is an acronym for “research on understanding new design”.

logo for Phil Fox photography
Phil Fox Photography, Massachusetts
Logo for wedding photographer.

brochure images
MacAuley Residence, Portland, Maine
Annual report for a transitional housing program for women and children.

image of cd with people out of focus
Moha, Oslo
CD package design and photography for rock duo.

poster with leaf and clouds
Environmental exhibition poster, Korea

poster for Kyoto protocol
Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement connected to the United Nations with the focus to address climate change and reduce greenhouse emissions. I designed this poster using staged photography. Set against an image of grey smog-filled skies, the blue Kyoto is intended to signify the cleaner skies that the Protocol hopes to achieve through its policies. The red dot visually connects the word “Kyoto” with the Japanese flag, since the agreement originated from this city. The missing letter “o” relies on the red dot in order to be visually defined. This simple visual puzzle elevates the viewer from reader to participant in construction of the message.

visual identity for Hong Kong Design Institute
Hong Kong Design Institute/HKDI, Hong Kong
For this project the client asked me to create their visual identity from an existing logo. Above are sketches for the business card, color palette, a school catalog spread, and a family of sketchbooks. I derived the colors from my impressions of Hong Kong. These colors act as a system to represent the different departments at the school. The rounded corner references the rounded bowl-like shapes in the logo and their custom designed typeface.

blue and purple logo
Hemisphere Consulting, Boulder
Visual identity and stationery set for a consulting company.

logo and icons for presentations media group
Presentations Media Group, Oslo
Logo and icons for web technology and design firm.

photographic brochure cover
Bridgewater State University
Photographic illustration and cover design for academic conference.

thesis book image with leaf images thesis book image with fish images thesis book image with watery letters thesis book image with watery letters
Rhode Island School of Design, MFA in Graphic Design
Thesis book on the relationship between typography & images. Created under the mentorship of Thomas Ockerse and Franz Werner.

Thesis abstract:
My aspiration as a designer is to engage the graphic presence of words and images so that the dialogue between them generates a more multi-dimensional, in-the-moment encounter with the concepts behind them. Word and image do not have to exist in fields isolated from each other, yet they are often treated as such. As a mediator between content and visual representation, my interests are to unite these fields. In my design work, emphasis is given to reconsidering the conventional patterns of reading words and images within a prescribed space-time continuum. My efforts are to build hybrid compositions that capture a subject vividly. What is uncovered is a unity between the depth, space, and event “capture” of images and the conceptual dimension of words.